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It is almost guaranteed that when I’m looking through my wedding galleries with clients there will be a moment where we be will stopped by “WOW! Where is THAT?”. Without fail, it will always be Ayslum Chapel. If you are looking for a unique and quirky venue in London, then look no further. This Grade II listed building in Peckham is one of the most unusual venues I have had the pleasure of photographing.

Asylum Chapel Wedding
Asylum Chapel Wedding

When Ricci and Derek first told me they were getting married at “the Asylum”, I initially thought they were planning to get married in a mental asylum. Each to their own, I thought… I’m sure they have their reasons… I eventually learned that Asylum Chapel, was in fact used as place of asylum or “sanctuary”. Asylum Chapel has a fascinating history. Before surviving a bombing in WWII it acted as a home for elderly retired pub landlords. You can read up on the full history here.

Maverick Projects now runs Asylum Chapel and the venue serves as a flexible project space. In addition to being used for weddings, the space is used by all kinds of artists from photographers to performance artists for exhibitions, theatre, photography and film.

I was lucky enough to photograph Ricci and Derek’s wedding at Asylum Chapel. It was genuinely one of the most beautiful and atmospheric ceremonies. The space itself is just stunning so there’s no need to fill it with all of the usual wedding frills. All that is need are some simple vintage touches and plenty of candles and flowers.

Asylum Chapel Wedding

From a photography point of view, this place is just a dream. The atmosphere is incredibly inspiring and all of those colours and textures mean there’s never any shortage of a good backdrop!

Asylum Chapel is undoubtedly a venue with plenty of stories to tell and watching a couple add their own story to that history is something really special to witness.

Here are a few highlights from Ricci & Derek’s wedding at Asylum Chapel or you can see the full gallery here.

Asylum Chapel Wedding