Why Documentary Wedding Photography?


Wedding photography can come in so many different forms. It means different things to different people and it’s so important that you find the right photographer for you. One that has the same vision and who strives capture those images that bring you the most joy. Your memories are precious and should be treated as such!

Eltham Palace Wedding

Even documentary wedding photography, in itself, can come in many different styles but for me, it’s all about authenticity and emotion. Ultimately, documentary wedding photographers are storytellers. We are there to tell each couple’s unique story and each image should have it’s own tale to tell.

The images that lift my heart at the ones that feel genuine and natural. Whether it be tears of joy or full on belly laughs, I aim to capture it all so those feelings can be relived and shared for years to come.

Asylum Chapel Wedding

There are too many to choose from but here are just a few of my favourite documentary style. Unposed, full of life and real. You can also browse my featured galleries here.